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mysqlApache 1.46 with sequential webalizer and useful traffic/usage collection

mysqlApache1.46.tar.gz (140082 bytes, md5=56dad147b4304aab8cf9a1d089309624)
mysqlApache1.45.tar.gz (139809 bytes, md5=ae69f9edf12d86e4b9672fb16cbeb326)
mysqlApache1.44.tar.gz (132275 bytes, md5=f6e4dc70d0c8600c9819717e6dcec64a)

1.46 Info
Install Instructions


Apache webconsole configuration: 'HostnameLookups Off' must be off for current mysqlX versions to work correctly in some cases.

Linux /etc/group limit problem, hack fix with chmod 771 in site dir. The kernel people should fix this asap. Minor security issue.

Upgrading from 1.42 to 1.43 must drop tUsage table and click on tUsage link.

Upgrades. Must load new/updated entries of data/tTemplate.txt and tConfiguration.txt somehow :)

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