mysqlISP Project

New ACCOUNTING release finally available :) !

Download accounting release 1.23 -for mySQL version 4.0.4 and later

mysqlISP1.23.tar.gz (188768 bytes. MD5=bfd6bc38931214a0e9e1ddf1d8f504b4)

Download release 1.22 -for mySQL version 3.23.29 and later

mysqlISP1.22.tar.gz (124328 bytes. MD5=5e33e96f862e4b661516ae13d91973d4)
mysqlISP1.21.tar.gz (124134 bytes. MD5=aca86ce905186ce9a36ddef0e92c3e71)

Install Instructions

Project Errata

Apache webconsole configuration: 'HostnameLookups Off' must be off for current mysqlX versions to work correctly in some cases.
tConfiguration may have incorrect sample pair/values in it.
Upgrading existing installations: You need to run commandline schema update command and add data/*.txt items.

mysqlIPM project

This IP number manager and router, firewall and QOS database management system is essential for larger ISP's, educational institutions and corporate settings. Now runs Linux firewalls and QOS bridges with iptables chains accounting (for let's say wireless, or intranet server stats -where snmp is not an option or the IPs are virtual.)

Download latest release

mysqlIPM1.1.tar.gz (91590 bytes. MD5=be4a540c0c401ad808e65b21ce3008e2)
mysqlIPM1.0.tar.gz (97370 bytes. MD5=92971aa9f8b5d21c7d43afb740a39be7)
Tutorial en Español
Install Instructions

Project Errata

When upgrading from previous versions use shell mysqlIPM.cgi UpdateSchema command.
Checking for more problems now... major bug found in InlineTemplate() function in ipm.c here is the fix:
[root@private mysqlIPM]# cvs diff ipm.c Index: ipm.c =================================================================== RCS file: /usr/local/cvsroot/ism-2.0/mysqlIPM/ipm.c,v retrieving revision 1.28 diff -r1.28 ipm.c 1013c1013 < for(i=0;i<=ucOutBufferSize;i++) --- > for(i=0;cTemplate[i] && i<=ucOutBufferSize;i++)

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