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mysqlRadius 1.71

mysqlRadius1.71.tar.gz (bytes=83868 MD5=07720efccd46633587552c38c5fa5bae)
mysqlRadius1.7.tar.gz (bytes=83206 MD5=1d91c437565d482ba40c96cce916f5b3)
mysqlRadius1.6.tar.gz (bytes=89221 MD5=201cdb21ec1e57b0c97efb2646565bd8)
Apache webconsole configuration: 'HostnameLookups Off' must be off for current mysqlX versions to work correctly in some cases.

1.7 and before only:
Very small minority of users problem: Slaved mysqlRadius managed servers, from masters that get jobs from mysqlISP, need a ProcessJobQueue() function patch for a possible dereferenced pointer. Fixed! In 1.71 with other improvements.

Latest release info:
New extended spanish tutorial (Español)

mysqlRadacct Tool -Now with proxy support -Security and radius accounting data integrity UPDATE 1.41!!! Available

Has monthly compressed read only data storage ( built-in.
New production stable (since 1.1) now includes mysqlradiusd1.0-cistron-1.6.6.tar.gz with fixes for large cSessionIDs and cLogins. Many thanks to Michael Hilton of an ISP in Australia for his generous contributions of time and money. Thanks mate!

mysqlRadacct1.41.tar.gz (bytes=261131, md5=a585d7380e58aed23f623dd1341be2d0)
mysqlRadacct1.4.tar.gz (bytes=259719, md5=7007f24daf0c2a9052b36d3913caf281)
mysqlRadacct1.3.tar.gz (bytes=259105, md5=2a22e74d120dd0c0a08835bb26efcb9d)

1.4 Info

Upgrade Info

Command line
shell> mysqlRadacct.cgi UpdateSchema <mysqlrootpasswd>
works fine for 0.5 to 1.1+ upgrades it seems.

Required mySQL Accounting Radius Daemon -W/Optional very cool SMTP-AFTER-AUTH

IMPORTANT SECURITY UPDATE! strcpy buffer overflows (from original Cistron) have been fixed in mysql.c (mysqlradiusd1.0-cistron-1.6.6.tar.gz).

Our own modified Cistron 1.6.6 server (required for use with mysqlRadius, mysqlRadacct and optionally for SMTP-AFTER-AUTH with mysqlSendmail)
Now comes in mysqlRadacct latest distribution.
Errata and compile notes

Must compile with #define SMTP_RELAY uncommented in src/mysql.c to use SMTP-AFTER-AUTH
Mandrake compile problems with -lcrypt. Fix in makefile
sample sqlserver file for use in raddb directory

Other files of interest
Frequently asked questions and undocumented features (aka faq.txt) (very outdated)

Also see other GPL OpenISP project parts: mysqlApache, mysqlBind, mysqlISP, mysqlCart and mysqlSendmail