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3/2006 mysqlSendmail 1.53 now available!

mysqlSendmail1.53.tar.gz ( 138995 bytes. MD5=a742dc446b52594a2436d96ebed3aab9)
mysqlSendmail1.52rc5.tar.gz (137832 bytes. MD5=9328ef5defd4637ec82110b8233035c0)
Updated docs, flexible configuration, accountless pop3/imap use maybe possible. FreeBSD and other *BSD much easier. Domain addition simplified, updated release "Main" info link. Other minor changes.
mysqlSendmail1.52rc4.tar.gz (136367 bytes. MD5=45cd2737b408d50423c7640e2b08f561)


Apache webconsole configuration: 'HostnameLookups Off' must be off for current mysqlX versions to work correctly in some cases.

mysqlisp-qpopper4.0.4.tar.gz instructions: Use the ./ configure script, then make, then make install. Make sure you turn off /etc/xinetd.d/pop stuff! (kill -HUP <xinetd pid>) Nice GUIDE.pdf in the extracted source dir if all else fails. Sample startup for /etc/rc.local etc:
/usr/local/sbin/popper -c -R -F

There is a bug in popper/mysqlSendmail.c for standalone popper connecting to remote mySQL database only (this is almost never the case for small ISPs): It should keep the mysql connection always open in that case (easy fix for programmers see our Cistron ConnectDb() in src/mysql.c.) Will be fixed in next release (fixed? Check and remove this comment please.) Fixed in mysqlSendmail 1.52RC2 but not in qpopper distro below. Replace mysqlSendmail.c then compile with Else use this mod:

At line 52 add this:

         //Already connected? Connect only once

FreeBSD support is now available in beta test mode.
1.53 Info
Install Instructions
Spam System Directory

New in release 1.2

Postini(tm/sm) style spam isolation to another pop or webmail imap server. Via ISP customizable .procmailrc and special remote "slave" mysqlSendmail spam only server. Uses spamassasin and special routing of SPAM marked mail to other mail server. User gets one ISP customizable warning message a day (on spam event) with info on quarantined email.

Signature based anti-spam system is now included! See install and tutorial docs for complete info.

The killer ISP application: SMTP-AFTER-AUTH system now included see mysqlRadius for info on mysql Cistron radiusd that does this via the mysqlsendmail.tAccess table crontab aysnc system. Save staff time and forget about DULs (dialup user lists of IPs) that change all the time and redirect precious human resources to other areas.

Older ISP technology SMTP-AFTER-POP also available with our own mysql modified Qualcomm(tm) qpopper pop3d daemon.
mysqlisp-qpopper4.0.4.tar.gz (2270776 bytes, md5=5e6515e13a75c79d89b8bd7343316677)

Also see: mysqlApache, mysqlBind, mysqlISP, mysqlCart/Shop, mysqlWisp and mysqlRadius